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Rose, The Queen Of Flowers

It is great, that here in the Middle East, we can easily buy rose water in a cosmetic store, spas, and even supermarkets.

It is widely used in cooking, beauty, and medicine. It is used to treat acne, it is added to the tea to calm a sore throat and also often added to the bath for luxurious aromatherapy experience in spas.

Rose water is a great skin tonic, which also calms the skin. It is often used after eyebrow threading and face hair removal.

However, rose water is a very mild product, as it is a by-product of attar of rose production, the process of which involves steam-distilling the crushed rose petals.

The result is powerfully concentrated essential rose oil (attar), which is quite toxic, so shall be used with care, and added to cosmetic products in strict proportions (like any essential oil) Only the tiniest amount is needed.

The most precious attar is from Rosa Damascena (Damask rose), which is regarded to be more precious than gold. This flower is renowned for its fine fragrance.

It is widely used in perfumery, but apart from this, it has many pharmacological properties.

So how can our skin benefit from rose water and rose essential oil, and generally from skin care products containing these above-mentioned ingredients?

The answer is:

Rose essential oil packs a powerful punch!

Good news is that this oil is good for any skin type! It is so versatile. 

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